Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little History Lesson on BackStabbers

Above is a screenshot of a few of our guild members during our early days of 2moons domination. Our guild BackStabbers was formed in mid-2007 during the Open Beta launch of the mmorpg 2moons. The founding members of this guild were Nivek, Vivse, DKLegendaryAffection, e0x, and Dashizznik. The purpose of this guild's existence on 2moons was to strenghen our characters through whatever means necessary and use our strength to spread terror throughout the servers of 2moons. Many of our guild members, most namely Vivse and Dashizznik, routinely surpassed the 2000 ip mark. From Trieste and Abaddon to Frozen Valley and Norak Cave, our guild owned everybody. Even though it is our nature to pk the pathetic noobs running around in Frozen Valley, we sometimes do not disturb other players around us, especially when we are on a quest. It is during this time that players should count their blessings and stay out of our way. But sometimes, players from certain guilds think they're tough and attempt to harrass us during our quest/grinding runs. Guilds that attack us will never be forgiven. Our guild hitlists includes the likes of BloodRavens, SkeetInYoGrill, and the "legendary" DeathIsEternal. Where are these guilds now? They have all been vanquished. After months of conquering foes in 2moons, we BackStabbers became weary of the slaughter and left the 2moons world. Thus, we laid dormant from the mmo world for an extended period of time. Now, we have awakened again, and have set our sights on Lineage II: Interlude, and have plans on extending our reach to Perfect World International. There are also plans to reconquer the 2moons world. Those of you who want to see the full wrath of our guild on L2 should play in the Frintezza server. But if you are wise, stay out of our way.

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