Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BackStabbers Have Officially Joined Lineage II: Interlude

Our guild has finally began playing Lineage II: Interlude through the private server Frintezza. Any L2 players out there who thinks that they're pro should join L2 through Frintezza server and pick a fight with us. But be forewarned, you're gonna get pwned. Currently, there are 5 members of our guild playing L2: Jiex, e0x, Lirinn, Nivek, and of course Dashizznik. For all you noobs out there I am Dashizznik. I just started playing L2 today and chose to be a Dark Elf assassin. Let me tell you something, the dagger skill known as Mortal Blow literally blows. It misses its target pretty much more than 50 percent of the time. Whoever the game programmer is that made Mortal Blow to have such a shitty hit rate is an uber noob. Anyways, I've lvled my character to lvl 15. I also managed to kill my first victim today. I forgot to take a screenshot of my kill and I also don't remember his sn. But all you readers have to know is that he is a nub. But since he hit me back, I got credited with a pvp instead of a pk. Since I don't have a screenshot of my kill, I decided to take a screenshot of my character.

Yup, that's my character right there. You can see me with with the doom dagger and bone pants and shit. The players in my party are my fellow guildies that I mentioned previously. We plan on making our BackStabbers guild official once one of us hits lvl 40-50.

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