Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Notable Events in our Guild's history

  • Dashizznik and e0x's historic sweepthrough of Frozen Valley. While running through Frozen Valley, we pked every single player we saw. Everywhere we went, the result was a bundle of limp bodies lying on the ground. Even when players asked for help from higher lvl players, it was of no use since we pwned them as well.
  • Vivse's legendary one man sweep of Requiem. As a result of this insane pk spree, Vivse's ip was a whopping 10,000.
  • Several players from this noob guild called Blood Ravens saw Vivse training at Frozen Valley and decided to gain up and pk him. Guess what, if you mess with the BackStabbers, you're gonna have to face the consequences. BackStabbers members Dashizznik, e0x, Nivek, DKLegendaryAffection, and Vivse himself ran back to Frozen Valley looking for vengeance. The members of Blood Ravens saw us and scrolled.
  • e0x, verybignig, and Dashizznik had an epic "conflict" with this player named JohnnyNguyuen. This guy likes to talk crap about everybody. We decided to follow this guy for 2 straight days just to mess with him. Every so often we would pk him and he would cuss us out on global chat.
  • Nivek's epic encounter with a DeathIsEternal guild member. The DIE guild, which is nonexistant in 2moons now, fashioned itself as the game's best guild. Well, guess what, Nivek pked that lil noob, thus proving the that the DIE guild were full of frauds.

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